Thanksgiving is on the way.

Hi everyone,


Time files. After Halloween, Thanksgiving is on the way.

Here are the essentials to get ready for Thanksgiving in three points:


  1. Thanksgiving history


You think you know all about Thanksgiving? Think twice.

Here is an interesting link we found that will make you learn a lot of stuff on Thanksgiving.

Here is the link.


2. Thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without food with your family and friends.

Want to get ideas of recipes? Here is the link.

3. Thanksgiving Facebook covers

Last but now the least, your Facebook timeline cover!

For that you know where to go. You can also go here 😉 Still, here are some banners we did for you!





===> Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving Facebook covers.


‘Til next time… happy Facebook cover uploads on our brand new website.

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